Following the Rivers and Stars of My Life

The Canoe is your Life 11-13-10

In my dreaming recently, I saw myself aboard a canoe following down a river. I hear a voice tell me, “The canoe is your life”.  In the journey of my dream,  I travel through many different levels of ceremony and initiation, one where I am at a higher level of  awareness and I see two beautiful long citrine or amber crystals that appear to be power objects, like a kind of wand.  I reach for one and then drop it as I hold it,  as I couldn’t quite grasp it.  I watch as it falls many levels below until it breaks at the bottom.  I feel the loss of this,  especially when I held in my hands ever so briefly. I then notice I have another wand waiting for me, which is easily accessible to my right, and I am now on much firmer footing.   I do not try to pick it up just yet however, perhaps when I am ready. I will be more careful next time when reaching for the other one and the power it wields.

I later find myself in a ceremony where I am placing ceremonial objects in a line where others have already been laid.  I notice that this is not the usual way I would place ceremonial objects to create an altar, usually it would be in a circle.  I am laying them out this way because I am creating a path and including the properties I will bring with me.

I lay a red clay mask of a woman, along with other objects I have in my possession.  I seem ready for the journey.  I later find myself in a submarine where I am told, “This is for diving into your subconscious”.   Ha! I enjoy the pun of my dream maker, of course a “sub” marine for journeying into the “sub”conscious.  I like the help of this vehicle taking me deeper into the depths of my unconscious mind.  EOD.

Upon reflecting on this dream,  I recalled another dream of a canoe following a river from several months ago that held a deep message of healing and transformation.

Star Grandmother  June 2010
I am given a task by a peace and justice community activist leader to go down to Central America and retrieve  something. I take a canoe trip following a river all the way down to Nicaragua. I am on this journey alone. When I reach my destination, I find myself at a small village.  I walk to a mountainside nearby made of volcanic rock and find an altar has been carved into the side of the mountain next to the ocean. Sitting inside the altar is what appears to be a blue star, that at one time was a starfish, but over time it has turned to stone.  I look deeper into the starfish and discover it has a presence.  I can see two tiny eyes looking back at me.  I begin to talk to the starfish coaxing it back to life,  saying sweet and loving things to the starfish.  It begins to transform before my eyes into a living star and I call it grandmother. The grandmother wants to go with me wherever I go,  and so I place her lovingly on my shoulder.  I continue to talk to her saying sweet and loving things to her and my loving words transform her to become human once again.  She eventually changes completely into a human and I am able to return her to her family.  Her family is so happy and appreciative that she has returned.  I feel a beautiful loving connection with the grandmother who I have helped nurture back to life and return her once again to her family and community.   EOD

As I continue to follow the flow of these dreams in my life, I am reminded of another dream.  It connects with the star grandmother from the dream above.

I am looking at several different classes that I would like to take, and going between the setting of each class already in progress. I am having a difficult time choosing which one I would like to participate in as I would like to take them all, but since they are all happening at the same time, this is not feasible.

Galaxies in my hands 11-7-10

I am looking at a choice between 4 different classes going on. I find myself in a class with a teacher and the class is being lead by her graduate students who are giving presentations. I find myself drawn into another class setting where I am with a man who is a guide that looks like he is perhaps Spanish with shoulder length dark hair, eyes and skin tone. He is showing me what appears to me to be a keystone or some kind of marker for a path to follow as one would see on a pilgrimage. I feel strongly drawn the follow him on this journey and so I choose this as my path of learning. I return to the other class briefly before departing to speak with my teacher. I am told that she is already gone, and her students are there cleaning up the class room after giving their presentations. They tell me my teacher was very disappointed that I did not come to the class. I feel a tinge of disappointment myself, but then look down at my hands and see there are stars and galaxies shining in the palms of my hands.  I exclaim, look! I have galaxies in my hands!

I then turn around to see a projector which is shining the image on the back of my head at the nape of my neck.  I at first doubt the experience as being just and image reflected on a projector, but then realize there is more than that going on, it is shining outward through my third eye and also reflected onto the palm of my hands. I am in awe! EOD

These dreams all speak to me of a spiritual quest and learning from mistakes made as well as choosing the teachers and paths along the way.  They also speak to me of retrieving that which has been lost and also a sense of destiny, not only for self but for the greater good.  May we each follow the rivers of our lives, where we may find our most beautiful dreams come true.

Author: Valley Reed

Dreamer, Lecturer, Writer, Healer, Activist, Dancer, Drummer. Chrysalis Healing Arts Energy Healing, Somatic Emotional Integration, Soul Coaching, Peace Moves™ Conflict Transformation, Wild Women Weekend Retreats, Monthly Women's Groups, Depth Workshops and retreats regionally in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado and Internationally in Ireland, Mexico, Bosnia, & Canada.

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