Dreaming in Threes

In dreams sometimes, when a message is important, it will repeat, exactly. Just to make sure I don’t forget.

When a dream sequence repeats three times, I know the message coming through has a deep source, and feels like direct communication with the divine, or the ancestors. These are not messages that can be turned away from memory or knowing.

In this dream sequence, I am being given different facets, research, and origins of how a story is coming through, how it fits together, and how it may grow in community.

Three sources of the same story 5-2-22

Shards of white light splendor, like a sliver of the crescent moon, cradled my dreams last night.

The Pleiades blew starlight kisses on my cheek from light years away.

Thunder rolled conversing in rumblings that were deeply meaningful.

Lightning flashed from all around like the paparazzi trying to catch a story.

I was given a story three times, from three separate sources.

I was given a task to speak the story from the voice who entered me. I kneeled on the ground to receive her story, looking up at her with my hands lifted and palms open.

She is frail looking, hard working, with wispy strawberry blonde hair. She has a fierceness about wanting this story to come through.

A fierce Irish woman ancestor looking skinny, tired, and ragged, came and sat down in my body. She began to weave the pieces of the story together into my inner world. When I opened my mouth her voice came out.

The storm continued outside and gave rains that never ended. The lightning gave powerful energies and set in motion the story.

I could see written research lists and demographics that belonged together.

People who belonged together and were no longer invisible or separated.

Powerful lists of presence and learning.

I am shown pages of research and demographic lists, three times in the dream. It is from here the story unfolds.

The story I told, became a children’s story, one for future generations.

The next day after waking from this dream, I woke without a voice, and couldn’t talk for about a week, but I did dream.

There is more to this story and I have dreamed into it more deeply, as I was given a different piece of the story over three nights.

Story Pitch for the Dream Producers 5-3-22

I woke from a dream that was about a story I had written and submitted to pitch as a British comedy TV show. I was the first one to get mine in and they were interested in the story idea. The premise was based on the difficulties between classes, and what happens when we no longer separate each other based on race, class, disability, gender, sexual orientation or education level. In the dream, the characters were taking shape and dialogue began to come through.

The show producers were very interested in my story, and were showing me around the studio. That’s when I saw the story start to play out more deeply into the premise.

Community Dream Mapping 5-5-22

The number 3 continued in my dream last night as I was shown a grid for community asset mapping, based on the flower of life design. The Vesica Piscis feminine principal of the yoni held between two points of the masculine and spirit within the wholeness of two circles which create a Mandorla.

The number three is a magical number of manifestation in this way. In my dream, I spoke to a group of three which included a Guatemala Grandmother Matriarch, an Elder Male Maestro who deferred to the voice of the Matriarch, and a young man Latino college student. Each voiced their concerns, needs, and wisdom. The process was shown to me as a way to map community assets and bring people together to collaborate from a place of equity, rather than power over.

The 3 dreams strung together over 3 nights creates threads of design for how this story takes shape.

Dream 1 – Three pages of research, speaking with ancestral voice, and embodying the spirit of the story.

Dream 2 – night two, the plot thickens, my dream producer submits a screenplay, developing the characters and watching the story deepen.

Dream 3 – Community Asset Mapping in the form of sacred geometry with the flower of life design, and the number three as a way of grouping people together and bring them into the broader energetic grid of community. An equity based model where people share their stories to create a symmetry of collaboration.

Valley Reed © 2022

Author: Valley Reed

Dreamer, Lecturer, Writer, Healer, Activist, Dancer, Drummer. Chrysalis Healing Arts Energy Healing, Somatic Emotional Integration, Soul Coaching, Peace Moves™ Conflict Transformation, Wild Women Weekend Retreats, Monthly Women's Groups, Depth Workshops and retreats regionally in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado and Internationally in Ireland, Mexico, Bosnia, & Canada.

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