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My interest in dreams began in my early 20’s when I had a precognitive dream that saved my life. This life saving dream convinced me, there was a lot more going on during my dreams than I had previously been lead to believe. It became clear to me, my dreams certainly deserved more of my attention, because I had my life to thank for that. It was a dream awakening from which I have never since turned my back.  Join me in this journey of discovery into the realm of dreams.

  • Chrysalis Healing Arts – Owner of a healing arts studio, offering –
    • Depth retreats/workshops/groups
      • Wild Women Weekend Retreats at Crescent Moon Lodge in S. Oklahoma each Spring and Fall, since 2014.
      • Well Women Weekend Retreats in Hot Springs, Arkansas March 2018 and the Texas Hill Country Jan. 2019.
      • Soul Recovery Retreat Austin, 2016, Springhill Retreat Center Richardson, Tx. 2017.
      • Dreaming with the Speaking Lands in Sarajevo, Bosnia, & County Clare, Ireland 2019.
      • Monthly Women’s New Moon Journey Circles with Arabian Rescue Therapy near Denton, Tx.
      • Full Moon Journey Circles at the Health Collective in Dallas, Tx.
      • Dream Discovery Summer Camps for Children and Teens at Unity Church on Greenville in East Dallas.
  • Private practice is by appointment only, at the Health Collective for Massage, Energy Healing, Soul Recovery, Trauma Resolution & Conflict Transformation.  www.chrysalishealingarts.org
  • Healer, Dreamer, Teacher, Activist, Artist, Dancer, Choreographer, Event Organizer, Writer, Drummer, Ceremonialist.
  • Executive Director for the Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration, a 501c3 nonprofit organization serving women internationally.
    • Train the trainer informed trauma care to women at home in the U.S. and survivors of sexual violence and war in conflict zones internationally.
    • Kolo International Women’s Summits on Women’s Human Rights, Dallas, Tx. with SMU Embrey Human Rights Program 2015;
    • Kolo International Women’s Summit on Nonkilling Cultures – Sarajevo, Bosnia 2019 with Women for Women International, United Nations – Gender Representative; Center for Global Nonkilling; Foundation CURA; International University of Sarajevo; Southern Connecticut State University; Bosnian American Genocide Institute;
    • Humanitarian aid and technology to women and children.
    • Cross cultural collaboration and activism on behalf of women, cultivating socially engaged women’s collectives.
      • Missing Murdered Indigenous Women – No More Stolen Sisters events in Dallas, Tx.
      • Rapid Response Informed Trauma Care to Indigenous Families of Missing Women.
  • Member International Association for the Study of Dreams  www.IASDreams.org
  • Dream Activist www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org
  • Certified Teacher of Active Dreaming through Robert Moss.  www.mossdreams.com
  • Public speaker, Retreat and Workshop Facilitator Locally, Nationally and Internationally.
  • “The Crow and the Phoenix” – A Dream Dance Story written by Valley Reed, also choreographed and performed at the IASD Cinncinatti Regional Conference in 2001 and the 2008 IASD Annual Conference in Montreal, Canada where it was also filmed for the PBS series “Dreamtime”.

Valley Reed – Dallas, Texas

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I too have dreams they are becoming more vivid and I woke up from one, looked for the animal totems to see a hint of meaning and found your site Instead. I read about your trip to the ruins on behalf of your father. I feel like what the medicin man said to you was for me in this moment as well. That these healing dreams are not only for me but for healing my family and others as well. I just had a three night dream of a Freind and explored her life, traumas and on the final night I pulled something very dark from her. I told her of the dream. She confirmed she had a crucial healing moment over the weekend and she knows exactly what that was I removed. I would like to know more about your work. I literally woke up and was drawn to this and I feel there is a reason. Thank you for doing what you are doing. I’ve asked my dreams for guidance and so it’s working. Thank you ! I look forward to learning more.


    1. Hi Jessica, Thank you for sharing part of your journey here. We do dream for others at times, because we are social beings and not limited to our physical body when we dream at night. We can visit others and others may enter our dreaming as well. This gets into the areas of mutual group dreaming as well, which can have powerful effects when approached consciously. This is something I am interested in creating, to explore and awaken the sacred dream through conscious mutual group dreaming. Your dream also describes shamanic healing in what appears to be spirit detachment. This is something of great importance to learn, because we share our energy and dreamspaces with others and vice versa, we want to be careful about who we let into those spaces and how we share energy with others. Protective boundaries must be in place and cleansing rituals to keep your energetic and psychic energy healthy and balanced. I am grateful to the greater powers for drawing you to visit this blog and am glad you may have found something helpful to guide and inspire you on your path. My work right now is focused on shamanic dreaming practices and trauma healing through psychosomatic body work approaches and conflict transformation with movement meditation. I offer depth weekend retreats twice a year and depth full day workshops on Soul Recovery, Family Dream Sharing and Dream Healing. I plan to have an online course on Shamanic Dreaming coming up perhaps in December or January. I am also planning start doing some podcasting about dreams so stay tuned! Blessings, Valley


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