Dream Seed

World within a world, a drop of dew was shown to me in my shamanic dream journey as a dream seed upon my tree of life. I could choose one of many drops glistening in the light of my dream. I chose the one which lit up and wanted my attention. I was now ready to enter a tiny world of my dream seed. I entered and saw the reflection was upside down, I had to walk the side of the tiny globe to turn this world right side up. Once there, I found what appeared to me to be a castle which was presented to me in my dream of the book of Uriel. I was able to enter the castle in this tiny dream seed, perhaps planting actions that may activate something in my waking life. Dew is a magical substance highly prized by alchemists for their healing qualities. It was known to be an elixer for long life as well. The healing power of Bach flower remedies is rooted in the awareness of what can be imprinted into water from the extraction of it from flowers and plants. Science is now finding that the environment can imprint on water including the configuration of stars and planets. On sacred nights such asĀ Imbolg, tradition says that if you leave a piece of cloth out overnight to be blessed by the goddess Brigit, she will bless you with her presence through the year. I imagine the morning dew is part of her magic.

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