Ancestral House in the 4th Dimension


10/23/14 New Moon – Solar Eclipse

I did not want to leave my dream when I woke that morning, because I was having an amazing experience. In dreaming, I am in a 4 story ancestral family home. I notice red bricks near the foundation as I enter the old English Farm house. The bricks hover individually in the air, yet each serve to make up the whole of the structure of the house. Inside the home there are many people who seem part of a large extended family. I am learning from a handsome woman who is showing me around the house. She is showing me how to see what is happening up and down on each of the 4 floors of the house, while at the same time able to see the entire structure of the house from above, down to the bottom and everything inside. I am also completely aware and present with the personal interaction my guide is giving me on this tour of the 4th dimensional. She has large deep dark eyes, olive skin and long dark hair, piled on top her head in a large, loose bun. She is an ancestor of this house from another time. I can see all the people in the house connected with her and the many rooms on each floor seems to portray different family members, living in their time. The view from the perspective of the 4th dimension  is exhilarating and appears to me as a very holistic way of seeing, which spans time and space, able to encompass vast amounts of experience and information.  The 4th dimension presents a model for the space time continuum, and inside this ancestral house, I am walking through time with an ancestral guide. It was a different way of perceiving and receiving information. As if all the experience and information in this house was known to me by experiencing it from the 4th dimension. It was not needed to be transmitted through personal exchange, however my interaction with this woman was my point of access, which simultaneously gave me connection to all the other rooms of the house, and the people and time periods they occupy. It seems my visit there was about learning the architecture of the 4th dimension rather than honing in on the individual stories held inside, yet at the same time I held all that information too.

This isn’t the first time I have dreamt of houses which hold information on my relationship with past lives and counterparts in other lives. I wrote about it previously in my blog post Dream Archeology and the House of Many Lives. 

Exploring Ancestral connections in dreams is much on my mind lately, in the season when the veil thins and leading up to the workshop I will be offering on Dreaming with the Ancestors on Sat. November 1st 1-4 p.m.

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Author: Valley Reed

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