The Wild Man vs Mad Men

In my dream, I am aware of the presence of a Sasquatch hovering over me in my bed. I am afraid, and my fear wakes me into a conscious dream state. I am now calm before the elusive Big Foot standing before me, and communicate with him intuitively. He is the virus, the Corona Virus-19, now spreading as a global pandemic. I accept in a lucid knowing the presence standing before me is real and not a myth. I now feel the energy of my heart, and know it is where my focus must stay in order to be able to navigate the pandemonium of these times.

The Wild Man is emerging as a force of reclaiming the Wild World. The animals return to abandoned cities. The modern world has gone quiet. It’s a Mad, Mad World, created by Mad Men. The Wild Man has return to remind us he has never left, and he is not going anywhere.


Author: Valley Reed

Dreamer, Lecturer, Writer, Healer, Activist, Dancer, Drummer. Chrysalis Healing Arts Energy Healing, Somatic Emotional Integration, Soul Coaching, Peace Moves™ Conflict Transformation, Wild Women Weekend Retreats, Monthly Women's Groups, Depth Workshops and retreats regionally in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado and Internationally in Ireland, Mexico, Bosnia, & Canada.

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