The Gifts of Dreaming

Dreams call out to us in the night showing us a possible future, crossroads past and timeless sacred pathways.  We can look into sacred libraries of remembering to discover our sacred contract for our life purpose. Dreams bring us in contact with healing energies that restore a sense of wholeness and well being. They can introduce us to our creative communities where we may dream our brightest dreams and grow them in the waking world.  Dreams help us remember who we are, why we have come here and the people with whom we may share our journey.   Spiritual and creative gifts are often revealed to us in dreams.  If we have the courage to go beyond our limited self concepts and explore the potential that dreams offer, then we are indeed ready to receive the gifts of dreaming.

The Gift

In a dream not long ago, I encountered an invisible guide who sat beside me. My guide held my  hand and was showing me the paths written there in the lines on my palm.  I was shown a large “W” shape across my palm made from the lines on my hand and was told “this is your gift, you know how to move energy”. The “W” shape was an indication of being a magical person, or a “W”hite “W”itch.  I was then shown two vertical lines running parallel down the center of my palm in which small w’s were streaming one after the other as this universal energy was pouring into my palms  which could then also be directed outwardly.  Suddenly, aware I was dreaming, I began to wonder what I could do with this gift in the palms of my hands.  I considered the fact that I already do healing work and have been an energy healer for many years.  I was then shown in the dream a possible path as a successful writer on book tours.  I saw a yellow palm card advertising the date of my next book signing. EOD

It strikes me that the universal flow of energy is that which is beneficial on many levels. The  hands touch everything in our world allowing us to give and receive energy that is loving, sustaining, creative, nurturing and healing. They provide us ways to communicate through writing, gesture and touch. The image of the hands being a sacred portal to the divine is truly a gift worth receiving and learning more about the ways the hands may serve in the flow of this energy into my life and relationships, our community and world.

I am now on a path of exploring the book  I have glimpsed in dreaming.  In this writing, I am sending my RSVP to the universe! I accept the invitation to write this book.  I only need to let the “w”‘s flow in the universal stream of energy and send them back out onto the page.

Refuge Mountain

Where do the dispossessed go, the refugees, the homeless, the thieves, pirates, star crossed lovers, the broken hearted, the heretics, the politically oppressed……..they go to Refuge Mountain. This mountain is hidden from the waking world, it exists in the world beyond the dream world in a location interwoven with time and space, a place where you can find your lost ancestors, their knowledge, and the places where they lived, that was perhaps swept way and taken over by their oppressors. They have not been lost, they only await your return.

By Valley Reed

Where do the dispossessed go?  The refugees, the homeless,star crossed lovers, pirates, the heretics, the politically oppressed……..they go to Refuge Mountain.  A mountain hidden away from the waking world, existing in a world beyond the dream world, in a location interwoven with time and space.  A place where you can find your ancestors or recover sacred knowledge.  You can return to the places they once lived which were  perhaps swept way by cataclysmic forces or taken over by forces of ambition.  They have not been lost, they only await your return.

Refuge Mountain is a sacred place of forgiveness, healing and regeneration. A place where you can be protected from your oppressors, and a place where you can make your home if it has been taken away.  Refuge Mountain is a place of respite for trouble makers and saints alike, but here you may find a very fine line separating the two.

I stumbled across Refuge Mountain as I drifted into my dreams one night after I had stayed up late researching my ancestry.  I had just discovered that I was connected to an ancestral line of heretics from France, the Huguenots who sought refuge in America from the oppressive forces of the Catholic Church in France in the 1600’s.  Larrabbee is the ancestral line which I was able to track back to Pau, France at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains.  I also discovered the name can also be spelled,  L’arabie which is french for Arab.  I went to bed thinking about my French Arab Huguenot ancestors and I had this dream.

Refuge Mountain

I am on a mountain which is hidden from sight, in the center of the mountain grows a huge tree that reaches deep down into the earth and stretches up through the top of the mountain. This giant tree reaching down and moving upward is a pathway one can travel to access different places within the mountain. Hidden inside the mountain there are many who have come here seeking  protection.

Mountain Prayer

Tibetan Buddhists, pirates, star crossed lovers, a pub run by monks, a French tea house run by Wise Women Herbalists where they serve lavender tea and cultivate fields of lavender to make the tea.  An Irish bard musician, outlaw cowboys living in a world with no boundaries, Spanish Sufi poets, African slaves, Jewish mystics, a Gypsy thief, a Wicca high priestess drawing down the Moon, alchemist scientists, Communist philosophers, mothers and their children, a caravan of Arabian dancers and drummers, a Siberian shaman,  Apache horse thieves.  These wanderers have all come here to find peace and safety at refuge mountain.  They know they are protected and they can pursue their lives without fear of being attacked, destroyed or imprisoned. They can practice religion, speak their mind, love who they love, make their own living, they can live in their own homes and raise their children.  But just in case of danger, the pirate ship is waiting to set sail at the drop of a hat.  This get away shoot was dug through the mountain where an escape hatch on the other side awaits your hasty exit.

Escape to Refuge Mountain in your dreams tonight and discover the hidden paths of your ancestry, or places in your life which have been dispossessed and banished from the light of day.  Set sail on a pirate ship across the seas of time, and find yourself the hero of a tale yet untold. Let your life unfold and the adventure begin, because if you get in a bind, you can always return to Refuge Mountain.

Pirate Ship Dream

Entering the Creative Chakra

Feb. 24th 2008

The Second Chakra holds the creative energy of regeneration and creation. A vigorous class of practicing Mudras with fire breathing was followed by a guided meditation.Upon entrance into the energy of the Creative Chakra I see myself as a tiger and I am swimming across a river at night where the moon is shining on the water. I can see the ripples on the water where I am breathing as I hold my head above the water as I swim across. I reach the other side of the river and I walk as a magnificent Tiger into the darkened jungle searching for my mate.


As I am guided along this journey, we came to meet the sacred child. In my experience,I saw myself as an infant surrounded by darkness with no one around. I could feel the terror in my body of the experience of the infant reaching out needing to touch another with no one there.

Finally as I waited for some kind of response, in my vision I could see rose petals fall on my body, one at a time like gentle drops of water, and I could see I was surrounded by a circle of angelic beings each dropping a soft gentle rose petal on the infant. As each soft petal fell, the terror in the body became soothed and finally the infant felt peace. I then saw the image of myself cradling the infant in my lap in this peaceful space, and then finally feeding the infant at my breast. The circle of mother and child was complete. Healing the inner child and strengthening the mother and inner nurturer, I felt the power of the completion of this circle.


I was then guided to a temple that had 4 doors, I could see the doors and was not sure which door to choose, each door presented a different aspect. I saw one door that was open and glowing with golden light, I entered the doorway and there was a woman with long blond hair hovering in the golden light. She was there to give me a creative gift and she told me I needed to sing, and that she would be giving me a song. The energy of her body then slipped into mine and the muse became apart of me.


The next day after this experience, my tonsils swelled up and my throat was burning.

I spent a day in bed resting allowing the energy to move through my body and out.

I was fine the following day, but I have yet the receive the song promised. What did happen was that my house suddenly became a center of creative energy! New carpet in the bedrooms, my nephew- a singer and musician, came and painted the walls and brought his singing and creative energy with him! The space opened up and creative movement began to flow. My son completed his art portfolio and applied to one of the top Visual Arts Schools in the country. Our house became a swirl of creative energy, my daughter auditioned for three parts in a play her school will perform for the Texas State UIL contest and she got all three parts!

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