The Cave of the Goddess

On Beltane Eve 2019 I had the following dream:

The Cave of the Goddess

Oweynagat the Cave of Cats in Rathcroghan, Ireland, entrance to the underworld, home to the Goddess Morrigan. The inscription over the portal, in the ancient Ogham language says, “Fraoch, son of Medb” Photo credit Valley Reed.

I am standing beside a Sorrel Filly with her overgrown Winter coat. I am standing close enough to reach over and touch her coat and I can hear her every breath. I am amazed how real this all appears inside this conscious dream. I realize more deeply now, the Dream World is the Real World!

I am suddenly transported to another setting, standing before a cave, where 2 frog headed nymphs stand guard holding an Arabian sword between them as gatekeepers to the Cave of the Goddess. I hear the voice of the Goddess ask me, is it still the real world? I say, Yes!

The nymphs tell me, “You must pick up the Sword of Truth to enter the Cave of the Goddess”.¬† I choose truth and take the sword from their hands.

Greek Cave on the Island of Melos

Now I am walking along a dirt path alongside a field of flowers. I see an egg shaped stone at my feet. I bend down to pick it up and it fits perfectly in the palm of my left hand. The stone is embossed with the ancient seal of the Goddess, covered over by some green moss.

Now I am inside the stone of the Goddess. I can see cracks and crevices inside this ancient stone, and I hear the voice of the Goddess once again. She tells me, “You must let go of the broken places inside, where you protect your heart. You must open up and trust.” As she speaks I see a golden light fill all the cracks and crevices inside the stone, and I can feel the light of the Goddess inside of me, filling all my broken places with her golden light.

My dream archaeology research takes me to Greece, where I find a story about the frog headed nymphs of the Goddess, on the Greek Island of Melos. The God Zeus turned the Meliai nymphs into frogs, for burying the body of Euphorion, who had tried to fly to Heaven.

The island of Melos is also where the famous statue Venus de Milo was discovered, in a volcanic cave.

In my dream, the sword of truth guarding the cave of the Goddess, was of Arabic design.

The ancient seal carved into the egg shaped stone of the Goddess, was not revealed in my dream, but perhaps it could be seen as the 8 pointed star of Ishtar, the seal for Venus.

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