The Cave of the Goddess

The Cave of the Goddess

Oweynagat the Cave of Cats in Rathcroghan, Ireland, entrance to the underworld, home to the Goddess Morrigan. The inscription over the portal, in the ancient Ogham language says, “Fraoch, son of Medb” Photo credit Valley Reed.

On Beltane Eve 2019 I had the following dream;

The Dream World is the Real World

I am standing beside a Sorrel filly with her overgrown Winter coat. I am standing close enough to reach over and touch her coat, and I can hear her every breath. I am amazed how real this all appears inside this conscious dream. I realize more deeply now, the Dream World IS the Real World!

I am suddenly transported to another setting, standing before a cave, where 2 blue frog headed nymphs stand guard holding a sword between them as gatekeepers to the Cave of the Goddess. I hear the voice of the Goddess ask me, is it still the real world? I say, Yes!

The nymphs tell me, “You must pick up the Sword of Truth to enter the Cave of the Goddess”.  I choose truth and take the sword from their hands.

Now I am walking along a dirt path alongside a field of flowers. I see an egg shaped stone at my feet. I bend down to pick it up and it fits perfectly in the palm of my left hand. The stone is embossed with the ancient seal of the Goddess, covered over by some green moss.

Now I am inside the stone of the Goddess. I can see cracks and crevices inside this ancient stone, and I hear the voice of the Goddess once again. She tells me, “You must let go of the broken places inside, where you protect your heart. You must open up and trust.” As she speaks I see a golden light fill all the cracks and crevices inside the stone, and I can feel the light of the Goddess inside of me, filling all my broken places with her golden light.

In reflecting on my dream, my research takes me to Greece in search of the blue headed frog nymphs. I find a story about the frog headed nymphs of the Goddess, on the Greek Island of Melos. The God Zeus turned the Meliai nymphs into frogs, for burying the body of Euphorion, who had tried to fly to Heaven. The island of Melos is also where the famous statue Venus de Milo was discovered, in a volcanic cave.

The Greek Goddess Hekate is associated with Frogs, Horses, Dogs, and Snakes, Bat, Crow, Owl, Dragon. Her Tools are Torch, Sword, Keys and her domain is the Underworld, the Crossroads, and Creatrix of the material world as known in the Chaldean Mysteries and as such she is a Mistress of Magic. She is part of the Greek Eleusinian Initiation Mysteries as Torch bearer for Persephone as she makes her Ascent from out of the Underworld. Hekate is known as the Queen of witches, and tonight on Beltane eve is the perfect night to honor her and call on her in dreams.

The Morrigan is of ancient ancestry of the Faery folk clan of the Tuatha de Danann in Ireland. A Triple Goddess of the Otherworld, whose sacred cave is “Oweynagat” said to be the entrance to the Underworld. She came to me in dreams past and guided me to honor her with a visit to her sacred place. I was able to do so in the Summer of 2019. I am on the path of the Goddess, broken open and trusting in the signs and seals that will deliver me to my destiny.

Valley Reed© 2020

Dreaming Matters

If you have lost touch with the wisdom of your soul, or creative muse, or perhaps your inner healer, now is the perfect opportunity for you to look inside to rekindle these connections. I invite you to step through the doorway to your inner worlds, or perhaps the other world, is ready to step through you.
The key to enter is through dreams.

At a retreat I offered in 2020 of January, on Dream Healing in Hot Springs, Arkansas, I introduced participants to Rainbow Woman. She is very special to me, because she revealed herself to me over 10 years ago, when I was camping with friends, and we were hiking in the mountains. I had noticed an energetic ley line, that I had stepped through as we hiked, and it got my attention. I stopped to investigate what I felt and saw, and when I did, I saw a beautiful rainbow colored woman, made from a plasma like energy. She stepped right from the core of my being, and through my physical body. She turned around, staring me in the eyes, face to face. Her beauty, wisdom and magic astonished me. How could such a being step from within me, in such away? She then shot up the mountain in a flash of white light traveling the energetic ley lines I had seen. Later, she visited me in dreams and shared with me the 7 Rays of Healing, and asked me to share this with others. She took me into the stars, and showed me how to birth new galaxies.
Now when I return to Hot Springs on Dream Healing Retreats, I always end with a journey to connect with Rainbow Woman, and her healing energies, because she is very special to me, and she asked me to share her with others.

January 19, 2020 Healing Journey with Rainbow Woman

Finding My Way
Down into the Earth a small circle of Ancestors gather around a small fire, and Rainbow Woman appears as a maiden with her white buckskin dress and braids, dancing to the drum. The song of the Grandfather sings into the fire, as she dances. The song carries her into our world, on rainbow energy lines. She flows her rainbow energy into our circle, and she follows the rainbow to the West, where it ends, and a doorway between the realms, opens into another galaxy.

The dance continues, she invites me to follow her, the song is sung supporting this dance, this journey. We are dancing with starlight, a new galaxy, as we focus prayers of healing for the Earth. We shine rainbows on the children enslaved and in prison, afraid and abused, offering them love and healing, freedom and support.

Then we dance through another doorway of light. White light, a circle of sisterhood is dancing in a circle. I am told it is good I found my way here, and I welcomed into the circle. Only a few are ready and willing to enter into this Sacred Sisterhood. We dance visions and open the way with courage and wisdom for the women on Earth bringing change. The light is shining on each Woman, shared with each other, and for the Earth. We are birthing a new world with vision, courage and heart. Grandfather is singing our song, for this dance of beauty, strength and healing.

Last week I was invited to participate in the online Earth Sky Woman Summit held on 4/4/20. Over 1600 people signed up to participate but the space itself was limited to only 100 people. There were about a dozen presenters and the vision of it was was put forth by the courage of heart and brilliance of Tami Brunk. It was an incredibly meaningful experience to be part of seeing so many women sharing their powerful spiritual gifts, and courage of heart, and healing wisdom.

There was a discussion about Mayan healing and the Goddess Ix Chel, and it reminded me of Rainbow Woman. Ix Chel means Rainbow Woman, I began to recall my journey, and realized that it had come true in part, by being invited into this Sacred Sisterhood as a presenter, even though I did not know anyone personally. It was the journey that opened the door, and presented me with a key to healing and showing up. A powerful realization for me personally, and a deep gratitude for me being able to find my way and being welcomed into the circle.

In February, about a month prior to the pandemic storm. A dear sister and healer invited me to try her newly created float tank, and knowing my connection with dreams, she was keen to have me try it to see how it might be a helpful modality for conscious dreaming. I was also keen to try it and the liminal space created by the body floating in salt water, could provide a primal womb of dream incubation. I focused my intention in my float session on personal healing and gaining any insights that would be helpful for me at this time. I had been doing a lot of private healing sessions on individual clients, and knew the salt waters would be restorative for my energy field as well.

As I floated in the tank in a conscious dream state, that place between waking and sleeping reality, I saw images come and go, which included some helpful psychic information. Then suddenly, I dropped deeper into a dream, which opened before me from the core of my being. I was now inside a conscious dreaming reality with an African Oracle Goddess, who emerged from a mountain. Her face, her hands, and her breasts became visible. Her strong voice was heard inside my dream. She said, I have not been seen in a very long time. It is time for me to emerge. I tell her I had set the intention to work on personal work, and not focused on collective energies right now. It is personal! She snaps back! Alright then, I am paying attention! I then see a volcano next to her, with lava flowing down, and molten lava erupting from the top, as the face of the Goddess Pele is reflected in the fires of the Earth. I feel her powers of destruction and creation. Suddenly, I hear cows mooing and see them grazing in a peaceful green pasture, and then the Blue Faced Goddess Hathor descends from the Pleiades, with her nurturing and peaceful, loving energy. Finally, I see the Three Goddesses before me, a blazing fire beneath HER feet. I am human sized, standing before them, but in the body of Kali Ma, Black Mother Earth, Treasure House of Compassion, Giver of Life to the World. I run toward the sacred fire with fierce love and compassion and lunge my ceremonial knife (truth) into the Sacred Fire (Life). The Oracle Goddess says, It is done…and it is good.

A month later the pandemic arrives in full force, now we are sheltering inside, dreaming dreams, parents teaching children, cooking meals, worrying about our elders, digging in the Earth and planting gardens. Tapping into creative problem solving and innovation to keep business flowing. Listening to Spring bird songs. Death arrives while numbers grow each day. We grieve and feel the losses, we remember to appreciate life, we feel how fragile we are.
We see how truly connected we are, there is no separation.
We focus on what truly matters.

Valley Reed © 2020

Women’s New Moon Dreaming with Arabian Rescue Therapy

A Women’s New Moon Journey Circle with Arabian Rescue Therapy was launched on Friday, March 8th on International Women’s Day. We gathered together as 9 women creating sacred space, around a fire pit, with a pond nearby, reflecting the a small stand of trees, onto the surface waters, and the liminal space we were about to enter. A Blue Heron croaks loudly, as we begin our sharing circle, and the clouds disperse to reveal the starlit sky. The fire is inviting and crackles with excitement.

We shared our intentions before entering our conscious shamanic group dream journey, guided by the drum, where the doors to the World behind the World are open, and paths to the dream realms are guided by the assistance of the animal powers. Our intentions bring us into discovery, of what is preparing to grow forth in the coming Spring, while aware we can put down anything we wish to leave behind, as the doors to Winter begin to close.

Prayers are offered to the elemental spirits, and spirits which live close to the land, the ancestors, and the protective powers which surround us. Sacred herbs were burned, and blessings passed around, and given to the fire. A black Arabian Horse named “Missy” was lead out to join us by Rebecca Kelly Boardman, founder of Arabian Rescue Therapy. The mysterious black Horse circled four times, invoking prayers of protection and activation for our sacred circle.

Now we are ready for the journey, I position myself in front of the fire, and begin the drumming, as the wind begins to blow strongly now. I drum, bringing the fire energy up high, and the smoke blowing over me, and I can feel the energy of the journey coming through for all in the circle, and through the fire, and through the drum. As I stand before the fire, drumming for the circle, I see the Goddess Freya appear vividly, standing beside me. Her arms are crossed, and her intense gaze is fixed on me with her mysterious green eyes. She wears a head band with a light green stone in the center of her forehead, her long golden hair is braided on both sides. She is covered with warm furs on her body, and her magical cloak of falcon feathers drapes her shoulders. She says, “I am not going anywhere”. She just stands before me with her arms crossed, with a Falcon on her shoulder. She is not going anywhere, until I accept her powerful energy as part of my lineage. Normally she shows up with Hans, my departed Danish Grandfather, but this night, she has come for me. I am ready to accept whatever she brings me. She is ready to show me. Now we are ready to journey onto the path of my destiny. I am flying with her falcon feathered cape, becoming a bird goddess, with Freya by my side. She takes me to a mountain valley, with a vast prairie. We are hovering above the prairie lands, and can now see huge herds of Buffalo running wild across the prairie. A large herd of Wild Horses also runs beside them, with the power of return. A return of this wild energy, which has been long gone, returns to the land and to the native people.

Now we fly over sea to the South Slavic countries, and she shows me her connection to the Slavic Bird Goddesses. We land there as Bird Goddesses ready to gather with other Bird Goddesses in these lands. I prepare to end the drumming with the last four beats, and walk around the circle one final time. I see different animals guides connected with different dreamers as I do, and sound the final beats of the drum to end the journey. Now we will share where we have been and what we have seen. Now we share the dream journeys we brought back.

Freya’s day is Friday, the word comes from her. We have gathered on her day, and she has come to honor us with her presence in our circle. She is also known as the Mare of Venir as one of her titles. The Black Arabian Mare, whose presence stands guard over our circle is named “Missy”, which means “Bee”, as in Melissae. She is a Bee Goddess. There were two barn cats strolling around our circle all night. Freya also has two cats named Bygul, and Trjeygul, meaning bee-gold and tree-gold, Honey and Amber. The Slavic Goddesses are also well known, for their connections with Honey and Amber, as well as their connections with Bird Goddesses.

I am helping to organize the Kolo International Women’s Summit on Nonkilling Cultures this Summer in Sarajevo. I will also be presenting a workshop on Dreaming to Heal the Stories of the Land. I will be gathering with many Slavic women at the conference who will attend, and women presenters from many different countries. I know Freya will be guiding me, and her powerful presence protecting me and giving me courage to take on this new, wild adventure, where I am dreaming of gathering with other Bird Goddesses, in the land of milk and honey.


The Moon Goddess and The Green Man

It was on the eve of May Day in 2008, when I had a dream of visiting a school where a celebration going on at the pool and many people were milling about visiting and enjoying themselves. I look across the pool courtyard and saw the door open from the building, and a huge Green Man, with the face, arms and legs of a man, and body of a tree, walks across the patio. I am in the water and I am hiding from him. I am afraid he will see me so, I look up at the sky and focus my attention at the moon, trying to become the moon. My face only shows out of the water and I imagine I will appear as the Moonlight reflecting on the water.  The Green Man walks right over to me and bends down on his knee and extends his hand to me to help me out of the water, and as he extends his hand he tells me “I am your teacher”.  I feel silly that I thought I could hide in the water pretending to be moonlight, from this powerful magical being. I am in awe and afraid at the same time.

One year later, I dream I am at the pool where the moonlight shines on the water.

I realize I am back in the dream of the Green Man.

Only this time I WAS the moonlight, not just pretending. The Green Man offered his hand to help me out of the water, and I flowed from moonlight into the form of a woman, which I now embody. I reflect on the beauty of my naked moonlit body. I am standing before the Green Man and he is still holding my hand. He once again tells me, he is my teacher, as in the original dream. He now offers his back for me to ride on. I climb on this Tree Man and holding his branches we fly upward to the moon. I am reminded of witches flying on broomsticks.

These beautiful dreams remind me how far I have come over the past 8 or 9 years when my dreams opened me to the wild masculine and becoming a moon goddess.

At the time, I was deeply afraid of these connections, because true power can be that way.

The Green Man appeared as a teacher and guide to help me learn not only how to become moonlight and transform into a goddess, but fly to the heavenly lunar realms. I am reflecting on this time of transition during Beltane, when the death of  old man winter is honored and the rebirth of the young and vibrant, wild, masculine is reborn again as consort of the Goddess who brings fertility to the land.

This protective nature of the Green Man as consort is empowered through the sovereignty bestowed through the Goddess. This is ritual of death and rebirth, fertility and renewal, is a ritual of divine union known as Heiros Gamos. The joining together of the Moon Goddess and the Green Man is a sacred marriage of heaven and earth. These are protective powers which are much needed for the Earth at this time and future generations.

May the Blessings of Beltane carry us forth with respect for the land and love for one another, grateful for the past and mindful for the future.

Valley Reed © 2017



Bird Goddess

“Raven” by Susan Seddon Boulet

Words from a Dream Visitor…

The crone cradles her cauldron with care and precision. Inside is held the mysteries yet untold and the transformative powers of death. She wears a bone mask from the head of a bird, a black cape covers her, so that the bird mask appears to dance about in the darkness.

She peers into the depth of the cauldron, a liquid brew of past, present and future. The glimmer of moonlight shimmers across the darkness held within. She leans in with her bird skull and begins to drink up the mysteries brewing there. She is drinking in the mysteries to become a vessel. Her womb no longer bleeds and the seeds of life, have all been washed away on rivers of blood and moonlight. Now she is left with darkness, and emptiness. Emptiness from the children she has raised, who now live their own lives. Emptiness staring down at her as the last phase of  her life takes shape from the creative potential of darkness.

She is thirsty for what remains of her life and drinks up the mystery inside her. There are stories held there of experience and wisdom, presence and passion, courageous destroying and tender creating. She travels her inner worlds with ease and her journeys take her on paths of power, where she finds the cauldron of death and birth bubbling over with sorrow and laughter. She is able to drink it all in.

Valley Reed Copyright 2017

The Temple of Darkness and Light

The Winter Solstice coupled with the Christmas full moon, have me thinking of this dream which came a few years ago. moonlight

The Temple of Darkness and Light

In my dream, I see a beautiful luminous light, shinning like the moon, yet aware it is a portal into an other worldly place. It has a mysterious feel and beckons, like the pull of the moon on the ocean tides. I follow this pull and find myself tracking a woman, wearing a black hooded cloak who is moving toward the light. Her back is to me and her head is covered. I sense the woman ahead of me on the path of light, is also me, though I cannot see her face.

She takes me through an underground tunnel with stone pillars, and I realize I am in some kind of ancient temple. The temple is built so that the Moonlight shines through the underground tunnel, reaching an inner chamber at certain times of the year. The mysterious woman continues to follow the light through the tunnel with me tracking behind her. She moves so swiftly, I am losing ground and almost lose sight of her. The closer she approaches to the light, the farther behind I become. I want to follow her, and the mystery which is pulling me deeper into the darkness of this underground chamber. At the same time, even though surrounded by darkness, I too am following the light. This paradox of mystery has me tracking the path of light through an underground tunnel where the brighter it becomes the further behind I get. Like the moment of the Winter Solstice when the Sun is in stasis, I can no longer move to further track the light and I find myself at a standstill. The mysterious cloaked woman has moved out of sight. 

I set my intention to re-enter my dream, determined to continue my journey of tracking the moonlight and the mysterious cloaked woman. I was able to reconnect with her in my dream. I saw her face and the source of the mysterious light as it surrounded her. I drew the light into my energy field and it shown like a luminous egg.  

The mysterious woman began to follow a trail of moonlight once again, moving along a forested path, until reaching a shore where a small row boat awaited her. She climbed inside and began to paddle across a calm body of water. She navigated her way along the path of moonlight reflected on the water. I wanted to follow her as in the dream before, but again I found I could not move. I then remembered I could change into a bird, and shape shifted into an owl. I flew to her shoulder and crossed the water  as her familiar animal companion. I then suddenly flew off to investigate the coming shore before we arrived there by boat.  Once arrived on shore, the woman now appears younger, wearing a brown cloak made from a course garment. She is also very pregnant. She picks up a piece of tree bark and tucks it into a carved out space inside in the tree. She is keeping a record of the moon, preparing to give birth. 

© Valley Reed 2015

The Lion and the Goddess


The Lion came into my dreaming recently and said, “you have not been paying attention to me.” He was old and scraggly looking, and accompanied by several other older Lions who were part of his pride. I knew this Lion, although he looked different than I recalled, I was familiar with an agreement I had made with him somewhere in my far memory. My response to him was, “Oh that.”

My far memory seemed to recall this old friend and guardian as a protector and guardian of the goddess, and so in order to hang around with me, he may be asking me to embody more of that goddess energy in my life. I had the feeling it was time to get on with this part of my life, something I agreed to do along time ago, perhaps lifetimes ago. It was the feeling of time passing and that this promise could not be put off any longer. This lion is getting old and tired, he is hungry and needs to be fed. It is important to feed your power animals if you want them to stay near. This power animal I greeted as an old friend, holds a key to my own power which I seem to be avoiding. He is a guardian of the goddess, and neither he nor the goddess will be put off any longer. I must accept this energy and allow it to lead me into places in my life where I do not yet fully understand my own capacity to hold power as a woman. Even though, I just recently helped organize 2 major events centering around Women’s Human Rights at an International Women’s Summit in Dallas, Texas and another event in Taos, New Mexico for International Women’s Traditions, centering around Women’s Wisdom and Oral Traditions. I have continued to also grow community by nurturing a circle of women who are dreaming forth their own empowerment. Still the Lion is telling me, I am avoiding something. He is starving from my neglect and I must find away to nurture this connection which serves to protect and guide me. The Lion can help me journey to the places where the goddess resides.

Goddess_Kybele_AshdodThe connection between the Lion and the Goddess is an ancient one, dating back to the Neolithic era in Anatolia and spread from the Phrygian Mountains in what is now modern day Turkey, and enthroned in temples devoted to Kybele throughout the Grecco-Roman world. The Goddess Kybele was depicted on her throne holding her frame drum, flanked by female headed winged lions or riding a chariot guided by Lions. She was known as Magna Mater, Great Mother and brought with her a mysterious stone from Phyrgian Mountains, a conical shaped meteorite known as the Needle of Kybele, which enshrined the power of the Great Goddess to protect the region.

Valley Reed © 2015

Dream Talisman


Crane Woman Talisman – 12-15-14

In my dream, I am shown a talisman made of grey feathers shaped into a woman, fastened with a red stone heart at her center. I touch the feathers and the red stone heart, connecting with her energy. This magical talisman originates from the energy of a woman who is of Japanese and Native American Heritage.

She later appears in my dream showing her full form.  A face of fierce beauty framed with long black hair. Her arms are outstretched to reveal her beautiful feather covered wings. Wings of the great blue heron.

I search for her stories, what are the stories of heron and crane from her lineage?

The Japanese celebrate crane with costume and dance in a ceremony that reaches back 1000 years. Cranes are known for their longevity and revered as guides to the other world and know the pathways beyond the mysteries of death.

Crane Woman

There is an ancient tale of a lonely farmer who finds a crane on his doorstep, shot by an arrow. He carefully nurtures her back to health and saves the crane’s life. The crane transforms into a beautiful woman and becomes his wife. She asks her husband to create a private room where she can weave fine fabric, on the condition that he will never look inside the room while she worked. The crane woman weaves exquisite thousand crane patterned fabric which sells at the highest price. Soon, the farmer and his new wife became very wealthy with her mysterious skills. They create a beautiful home and comfortable life and are very happy together. Only one thing bothers the farmer, who begins to notice his wife works too much and she seems much too tired all the time.  He becomes worried for her health and wants to know what could be draining her energy.  So against her warnings, he decides to look inside her private room as she worked. What he sees is a crane picking out her own feathers and using them to weave beautiful fine fabric. He is so startled by this discovery, he let’s out a cry!  The crane turns to see that her secret has been revealed.  Crane Woman flies away and returns to the sky.


The Well of Human Kind – A Place of Remembering and Healing – Part 2

The Pool of Bethesda – A Place of Remembering and Healing

In dream archeology, we are called to dig deeper into our dreams, and into the earth itself, where layers of past cultures lay asleep and dreaming of our awakening.  In my dreaming of the Well of Human Kind, I determined the healing pool with troubled waters by the light of angels, could in fact be the place known as the Pool of Bethesda located in Jerusalem. In my research of this sacred place, I discovered it was indeed a crossroads of many layers of cultures who have used these healing pools. Many interesting correlates exist with elements of my dream and the different cultures that came to rest there.

Troubling the Waters is associated with the Jewish perspective of intervening angelic powers of healing, as was reflected in my dream previously shared in Part One of of the Well of Human Kind. Troubling the Waters is also spoken of in the bible and the pools of Bethesda are one of the locations where Jesus is reported to have performed healing miracles. The tradition of healing goes even further into the Greek and Roman Ancient traditions of Asclepians, as the healing pools were known, as well as a temple devoted to the Greek God of Healing, Asclepius and also  the Greco-Egyptian God – Serapis. This cross cultural pool of humanity is indeed the Pool of Human Kind. It was later during the Byzantine era changed toward Christian leanings, and then during the reign of the Ottoman Empire held Islamic influence where the pools are still held today in the Muslim part of Jerusalem. The Ottoman Empire gave away a part of the pools to the French Anglican Church where St. Anne Cathedral was constructed, next to the location believed to be the grotto and birthing room where the Virgin Mary was born to her Mother Anne. It is interesting to note how this relates to my dream, in that I was flown by angels to meet a woman named Anne Light, who claimed to have adopted me at age 13, and was in effect my spiritual Mother. If these correlations are followed through the dream with the ancient bees as guide along with the angelic light, it would in fact take me to the place of the goddess, and into the ancient virgin cult of the goddess. This tradition is embodied in Anne and onto her daughter Mary, but it was a much older tradition connected to the lineage of the ancient goddess.


This connection to St. Anne and the Birthing Room of the Virgin Mary brings me to another dream which I had this past December 12, the feast day of the Santa Maria de Virgin De Guadalupe.

Birthing Room of the Virgin Mary – Dec. 12, 2013
Last night I dreamt of seeing the Virgin Mary. She was showing me her birthing room, that was a small space carved out of 3 earthen walls, with the fourth wall absent and open to the waters of the grotto. She was preparing to birth the child she was carrying, whom she had just conceived. She also told me she would give birth to 4 children and would be staying here in the birthing room until she had conceived and given birth to all 4 children.

I feel deep gratitude for my connection to the Goddess, in all her forms and her guidance in dreams and waking life, guiding toward healing, protection and birthing new life.

Valley Reed © 2014





Garden of the Goddess

Garden of the Goddess in Cerrillos, New Mexico


The Lion’s Gateway 7-2013

I see an image of and ancient stone gateway, with statues of guardians on either side of the gateway. The guardians have female heads and breasts and the body of a lion.  I swing through the lion’s gateway of the Goddess and find myself at a dream teacher retreat.   EOD

The Lion’s Gate in Greece

I did feel as though my dreams literally brought me to the dream teacher training in July of 2013 to complete the final level of the training.  It was as if I was brought by some greater force than my own. I was not planning to attend, thinking there would not be enough resources for me to take that trip this time. Somehow upon sharing some of my dreams in the weeks leading up to the training, my partner insisted that I go. “You have to go,” he said. It became clear that my dreams were pointing my way there, and so I arrived at the training as though swinging through the gateway of the goddess.

Not long after, returning home from the training, it became clear to me that it was time for me to leave Dallas and move to New Mexico. In the weeks leading up to making my move here to the Garden of the Goddess in Cerrillos, New Mexico, I had a several other goddess dreams that once again had the effect of propelling my life forward.

Greek Sphinx


Becoming the Lion’s Gate Guardian of the Goddess

I am a woman with very large breasts like those of a nursing mother. I am standing by the gateway of the Lioness gate. The guardian is a woman sphinx with the head and bust of a woman and the body of a lioness. My teacher stands near the gate and tells me, “You will have to do this for yourself.”

It seemed I was learning how to become the Goddess and also a guardian of the gateway into this Ancient Wisdom of the Goddess. My role there was to be present, and also bring forth the nurturing energy, that was held in my very large breasts, which I could not conceal. EOD.

Neolithic Spanish Bee Goddess

Spanish Hexagon Bee Goddess 8-5-13

I see a woman with her hair pulled back in a Spanish styled bun. She lives in Santa Fe and she is a bee goddess from Spain. She is me. I see the hexagon energy she carries with her wherever she goes and it is connected to the greater hive of hexagons that other goddesses carry. Her power is considerable and strong, she is self assured, but loving, kind and nurturing. She is connected to the old ways and embodies them. She has a kind of fluid wisdom that exists in her every movement and gestures. The hexagon she carries in her hand, is an etheric key of interdimensional travel, and how she creates her reality. EOD

In taking these three powerful dreams of the goddess and guardians of the goddess together, with how my life has changed so dramatically over the past 2 months, and finding myself living at The Garden of the Goddess, no less, I am drawn to the fact that the power of the land, where I now live, carries an immense healing and nurturing energy. It is something that I am getting to know in my self and in my larger self. The yurt where I now hold dream circles on the full moon of each month houses a dark virgin goddess, who was brought from Indonesia. The mystery of the dark feminine and the Great Mother Goddess, the connection with Cybil and the Lioness Goddesses of Greece and Turkey, and the tradition of the ancient bee Melissae Bee Goddesses are all coming forth in this place for me. It is my hope that I will continue to dream and embody this ancient wisdom and mystery traditions of the Goddess and I feel blessed that she, in her many forms, has chosen me as worthy.

Dancing Bee Goddesses
Dancing Bee Goddesses

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