Second Sight Dragon King

The Celtic tradition considers a cowl covered birth as a sign of one who is gifted with second sight as a seer. A dragon king in the Celtic way would be one who is given the power to rule through the Earthly powers of the Goddess.

I kneel down before a newly born cowled face dragon, and reaching down, pull the cowl from his face. I gather the baby dragon in my arms and decide to adopt him as my own, as a mother of dragons.

I bring him home and give him a soft furry kitten to cuddle up with as a comfort companion. They cuddle up together, and sleep, but the dragon wakes.

He looks at his spikey back and tail, and his scaly skin, and then at the soft furry white kitten. Although he likes the cuddly kitten just fine, he needs to become what he is born to be. He steps over to a golden crown and circles round inside, and makes a nest inside the golden crown. This is where he belongs.

I see then a young boy of 7 or 8, with blonde hair wearing a golden crown. The baby dragon has become a Dragon Prince.

As I type this dream, I am watching Sandman on Netflix, and as I type about a dragon becoming where he belongs as King, I see a dragon enter the scene flying through the air. The Lord of Dreams, Morpheus takes the dragon back into himself, he must take on something he has created from the dream world, that has become physical in the waking world. He creates a snake and a dragon egg from the dragon powers, as a gift for the fates. The dragon egg hatches and a baby dragon is revealed.

This interweaving with the dream world and the waking world is revealed even as I type this post.

On the other side of my dreaming, I delved into researching the Dragon King, or Dragon Prince, which takes me into Slavic territory. I find a folk story of a dragon King, men and women of power who can travel into dreams and practice weather magic. They have protective powers to enter dream realms and battle for territory to protect the fields for a fortunate harvest. A Dragon King can only come from a Mother of Dragons.

The Celtic tradition considers a cowl covered birth as a sign of one who is gifted with second sight as a seer. A dragon king in the Celtic way would be one who is given the power to rule through the Earthly powers of the Goddess. “The Celtic Goddess of the Land expressed as Maeve or Mead is an example of the Dragon’s energy as fertility in Irish history. The Dragon is the life force or energy of the land that rises at Spring and rests at Autumn. “ Spirit of the Celtic Dragon – –

I am reminded of the story of Merlin who became seer and guide to King Arthur. The story of his becoming Merlin begins in his youth as a teenager when he is called before King Vortigern whose castle keeps falling down after being repeatedly rebuilt. The wise council tells him he must sacrifice a fatherless child to overcome his tower crumbling at the foundation over and again. This is how Merlin enters the scene, he questions the wisdom of this demand and as a seer is able to view the problem from the ground up. His vision reveals dragons underground which are causing the shifting foundation and crumbling tower. He recommends digging up the foundation to remedy the problem. “When Merlin bests the wise men and instructs them to dig below the tower, revealing a dragon’s nest, the child of Matriarchy reveals the “snakes” below the foundation of this new paradigm” (Strand, Sophie, The Flowering Wand p. 102).

“These dragons are easily connected to Tiamat, Inanna, Cybele, Lady of the Labyrinth, Eve, Medusa.”

We see in this dream, the potential of a sacred king, born with the dragon powers of vision. The ancient powers of the Goddess are bestowed upon a son of the Goddess. A sacred King to protect the land, and the people. The dragon powers are not for making war, and dragons need not be slayed, as part of a heroic male quest. The fatherless son, need not be sacrificed to the sins of the father, and countless wars, where the towers of empire crumble over and over. To heal these wounds, we must reconnect from the Earth up, and encounter the dragons sleeping underneath, who are dreaming of the birth of a Dragon King with second sight.

King Arthur and the White Hart


Sacred Tree

In conscious twilight dreaming, I see myself down in the earth around the roots of an enormous tree. I move around from root to root to feel and connect with the wide expanse that roots this magnificent tree in the earth. I then travel up through the core of the trunk of the tree, but find it difficult to move upward, because I encounter energy blocks inside the trunk.

I begin to feel the fear that I have stored there, and I consciously allow my fears to come undone. When the blockage is removed, I am aware my dreams have now also become unleashed. The fears held there were blocking my dreams from coming through. Now my dreams are free to be gathered each night and morning as I enter sleep and later awaken.  Now I can move freely up the core of the tree, into the hartwood.

White Hart

I am suddenly called to step out and into the middle realm. I am deep in a wooded forest, where a young king stands alone with his white horse to take water at the stream. He is handsome with shoulder length blonde hair, and blue eyes. He wears fine clothing and a simple gold crown. His back adorned with a silken purple cape and his hands are protected by tailor made leather riding gloves. He stares at the water with a look of peace and serenity, taking in every moment of the rare chance to be alone in the wild. Watching his horse drink from the stream, he looks up when hearing a crack in the wood. He stands face to face with the huge dark eyes of the stag staring back at him. There is something between them, something being transmitted, yet unspoken. It is a destiny, it is a sign. The White Hart then leaps across the wide stream and moves up the bluff until reaching a vantage point where he can look down upon the strange encounter he has just discovered. He will turn up again when the time is right.

Upper Realm Journey

Now I am called back to my sacred tree to move ever upward until finding the very tips of each branch as it reaches skyward. I scan the reach of this tree, it is broad and reaches high into the heavens. It holds home to many birds who lay in her branches tucked safely from harm. The trunk is strong and stable, and the roots reach wide and deep. I am now perched on the tiptop of the branches like a bird, surveying the view from uptop of the world. I am called to move ever higher in my journey and enter the upper realms. I look up and see a rope drop down, and a helping hand emerges to pull me up to the next level.

A rip in the fabric of time

I find myself dreaming in the twilight zone hoping for sleep or dreams to find me. A dream draws near me, tearing a rip in the fabric of darkness, that makes up my inner space. Upper and lower are pulled apart to reveal the brightness of the sun piercing through like the break of day.  From this space, now torn wide open, I can see the energy of another dimension spilling through into mine. I begin to see etheric beings stepping into my dreamspace, making their way toward me, moving ever closer. One moves close enough to come into view and I begin to make out the details of his person. He is a King in his prime years, experienced and fearless. He holds his hand extended out toward me. In it he holds, what looks to be the head of a man, or perhaps a skull. When I look closer, I see it is made from beeswax.


Mythic Reflections

There are tales of King Arthur in connection with the white hart deer, one of which is at the wedding feast of King Arthur and Guinevere at Camelot. A White Hart Deer was seen to enter the great hall, followed by the chaos of a white dog followed by 30 hunting dogs, a fair maiden in pursuit of the white dog, and a knight in pursuit of the maiden. At the behest of Merlin, King Arthur orders they should all be brought back and chooses Sir Gawain to bring back the white hart. He is accompanied by two other knights, who gave chase to return the white hound and the fair maiden. The maiden was killed accidentally by Gawain who fought the knight for her. The White Hart and White Hound were returned to Camelot.

There is another tale that takes place at a Christmas feast at Camelot, when Sir Gawain encounters the Green Knight who challenges the knights of the round table to cut off his head and in a year and a day return to have the same fate returned. Sir Gawain is the only knight to accept the challenge and he takes the hatchet and chops of the head of the Green Knight, who then catches his own head in his hand.

Sir Gawain returns to the Green Chapel at the coming of Christmas the next year to honor his part of the bargain with the Green Knight. On New Year’s Day, he meets up at the Green Chapel to receive the returning ax blow to cut off his head, but his life is sparred after three tries by the Green Knight. He is found to have been given a green girdle talisman of a fair maiden to protect his life.

What will the coming year bring with the mythic themes of King Arthur and the White Hart spilling into my dreams? A spiritual quest maybe in the offering for the coming year. Time will tell, in a year and a day, if my head will be cut off or not.  I will be sure to make plenty of magic talismans this year.  The Green Knight is steeped in the older traditions of the Green Man. The King of the Wood, as protector and consort of the Goddess, is sacrificed in the yearly ritual. When winter comes, the Green Man becomes the old man of winter and he is sacrificed in a ritual fire to be reborn at Beltane.  The reborn sacred king and goddess are joined in a sacred marriage to fertilize the land. It is then, that his power is bestowed upon him by the goddess and held in the land that he serves.


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