The Spiritual Mountaintop

Standing on the Spiritual Mountain June 5, 2012

I dreamt of seeing myself on a Spiritual Mountaintop, where I am a Giant among others who are present with me. I am the only Goddess among a group of several other Gods. We are all Giant in appearance and embody the presence of a God or Goddess in this spiritual terrain. From the heights of the etheric spiritual mountain, one could gaze down below to see the physical mountain.  A spiritual pilgrim throws his rope up onto the mountain peak where we stand, and suddenly everyone has the instinct to hide and not be seen. Everyone except me, ducks for cover. I stand in full view, the only one willing to risk being seen. The lone figure emerges from the side of the mountain and he is elated to have reached his destination. He stands looking back at me confused to be met by the presence of a Giant Goddess.  All the other Gods are hiding from him and the pilgrim does not know they are there. The Gods believe they cannot be seen, because he is not yet ready. I don’t agree with this perspective and stand in full view, ready to meet this spiritual pilgrim.  I  look into his eyes and see his confusion and realize, he is not yet ready to receive the wisdom he is seeking. I gaze back at him with loving compassion. He has gotten what he came looking for, but it was not what he expected. EOD.

In this dream I am experiencing my larger self, among others there with me. I experience this differently than my male counterparts who seem afraid to be seen as gods in the presence of the ascent of a seeker. I feel that religious perspective often describes this perspective, that a mere mortal cannot withstand the presence of the god/goddess. This etheric realm of the higher self is where the lower self seeks to come in contact with the higher nature of our own divine being. It is not separate from us, but a part of our true nature. The actual physical mountain top can be seen from just below this etheric realm, and it is something we have access to discovering for ourselves. It seems not only is mortal man perhaps afraid of being in the presence of god, yet compelled to climb forth as a seeker, but in my dream the gods themselves were afraid of connecting with their lower nature. Is it because if these two realms came together, we would be exposed as humans capable of becoming the gods we seek yet truly are?  Would we be afraid that others would not understand and seek to persecute us for arriving on this spiritual landscape?  In my dream, I felt the experience of being exposed, yet I was not afraid. It seemed only natural to greet this pilgrim on his journey toward reaching the spiritual mountaintop. When arriving on this terrain, it is the descent which takes the most courage, both for the seeker and for our higher self.

Perhaps it is time for the Patriarchal Gods to duck and cover, this is something the Goddess has been doing for a very long time. Perhaps it is time for the Goddess to be seen in full view in all her power for what she is, much to the confusion of modern man.

Compassion is the way down from the spiritual mountaintop, and being willing to receive those who come before us with love and compassion is the road ahead.

Footsteps of the Ancestors

Ten Bears as Earth Spirit – June  2006

I have been dreaming about Giants in many of my dreams over the past five years or so. I believe the first instance was when my first shamanic teacher, Bart Anderson “Ten Bears,” passed away in 2006. I dreamed of his crossing over shortly after hearing about his death.  In the dream, I saw him transform from his human form, into a Giant Nature Spirit that lived close to the earth.

Happy goes home with the African Ancestors  October 2009

A few years later a dear friend passed away, “Happy” Shel Weisman who was a community leader for African Drum Circles in North Texas and founder of the non profit organization, Drums Not Guns.  The night before his death, I dreamt of seeing the giant feet of the African ancestors walking upon the earth. Four sacred gatekeepers who had come to take him home.

Earth Guardian

In a dream in 2009, I saw myself as a Giant Goddess sitting upon the earth and an unseen voice tells me, “You are a guardian of the earth.” I see a golden streak of light travel the starlit sky and down into my body through my spine and into my womb. The golden light reveals an ancient labyrinth inside my earthen womb. I am firmly rooted to earth and heaven, as I sit in a sacred circle in the portal of the East as Gatekeeper and Earth Guardian.

The footprints left by these ancient beings are calling me to take my place among them. They anchor in my body and stretch my energy and awareness to grow large enough to encompass heaven and earth. They call me to other lands to remember who I am. I seek to honor the steps of the Ancestors, in my walk upon this Earth

Join me in this walk with the Ancestors  at an upcoming retreat, “Reclaiming Ancestral Wisdom ” September 2-4, 2016.  Recover Ancestral wisdom in a safe supportive circle of dreamers, as we travel our bloodlines and source our dna to recover what has been lost and release transgenerational trauma with kundalini yoga, conscious group shamanic dream journeys, exploring dreams with the lightning method of dream sharing, give away fire ceremony and a sound healing labyrinth journey. In this depth retreat we may discover hidden ancestors, but also meet our spiritual kin and guides. We may also find, just as we are seeking our spiritual guides and ancestors, they are also seeking us. Join us for this exploration of the other side, where your kin await your arrival and are ready to embark on this healing journey together with you.

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