Dreaming with Gaia

This week, there has been a plenty of disturbing news about the state of climate change and our current trajectory on this planet, we call home. It does not look good for us humans, nor the many species of animals and plants facing a mass extinction.  The U.S. released a report this week announcing climate change is a determined fact in the U.S. Welcome to reality, too bad it seems it may well be too little too late. I doubt this news will effect any major energy policy related to U.S. Global Oil Companies.  What can we do? We must demand an effective energy policy reflecting the results of this study that plans to preserve our environment by using solar energy. Scotland, Germany and Iceland have been able to make huge changes in their energy policy because they have the political will to do so.  In America, we can’t even seem to hold onto the civil rights fought for with the blood, sweat and tears of those who came before us. Maybe we missed the fight we should have been struggling for all along, the rights of mother earth.



In reclaiming our connection with the Earth as a living, breathing conscious being with whom we are intricately intertwined, we can bring forth a much needed vision of how to live in connection with with her. We can take action to protect the rights of mother earth and welcome our place as part of creation. The outworn model of man over nature, has shown itself in creating a dominate society of destruction to earth and her inhabitants. I invite you to dream with Gaia.  Help bring about a new way of walking on this earth, in connection with the dream she is dreaming for all of creation. In the way of many Indigenous Earth Wisdom Traditions, nothing happens unless it is first dreamt. It is in dreaming, where we may create the world we want to live in, and then act to bring it into creation. This is how the world is created and where the changes we must live will show themselves to enable our survival and that of the planet we call home. The dreams of Gaia await our arrival. Many are awakening from the planetary nightmare, which the western civilized world has sold us. We can each realize our individual part of  her collective dream and take action to bring the regenerative dream of Gaia to life.


Awaken the Dream in 2012

“At sunrise on December 21, 2012 for the first time in 26,000 years the Sun rises to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic. This cosmic cross is considered to be an embodiment of the Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life, a tree remembered in all the world’s spiritual traditions.” – Steve Becker

In the coming year we will continue to see changes of prophetic proportions which have been foreseen by cultures from around the world in ancient prophecy. What can we, as modern technocrats in this fast paced, materialistic, devouring, industrialized society, make of being in the midst of such changes? Even the prophecies themselves have been the subject of cultural hijacking and spiritual materialism by those who would try to speak for another culture and profit from ancient prophesy.

“Anthropologists visit the temple sites and read the inscriptions and make up stories about the Maya, but they do not read the signs correctly. It’s just their imagination. Other people write about prophecy in the name of the Maya. They say that the world will end in December 2012. The Mayan elders are angry with this. The world will not end. It will be transformed.” – Carlos Barrios member of the council of Mayan Elders.

At the heart of ancient prophesy are dreams, and that is something we can all do. Dreams can enable us to tap into our connection with timeless wisdom in order to understand our unique, individual role we each play as part of the larger community. When things fall apart and the old structures are no longer viable, it is a time to look into our dreams to envision a new world and our role in it. The tree of life is a classic shamanic entry point of dream exploration to travel into non ordinary reality.  It is here where you can connect with protector animal spirits and spiritual guides or ancestors along with the transformative energies now entering our sphere toward the cosmic alignments of 2012 .

Dream exploration through conscious group dream travel, aided by the sound of the drum, can be an entry point to the past, present and future. The tree of life is rooted in ancestral wisdom and a place where we have access to our deeper selves, beyond the workings of the trivial everyday mind, to guide us in remembering our true soul purpose.

A safe space for dream sharing 

In many indigenous cultures, dreams often held a sacred place in the community and were given a place of honor and respect. There were women and men shamans, medicine women or men, ancient priests or priestesses who were able to dream for the community. In our current minimalistic, scientific, industrialized western society dreams have been relegated to tiny bits and pieces and lost the role of importance which enabled our ancestors to survive and flourish as a community. They knew through dreams where to find game to hunt, what plants to heal, when to pack up and leave and where to move.  We need these ancient dream practices today in our own lives in a world that is rapidly changing to know where to find work and how to create communities that support life and the respect the earth.

Dreaming in Community

To enable the space for dreams to take root, we need a container to hold them. A protected and sacred space in which to dream and share in community. Setting a specific intention for what the group will dream towards while preparing dreamers in advance to bring dreams to share is an important step. Sharing dreams with respect for the dreamer and the dream is crucial to creating a safe space and this is most often done by making sure that dreams are shared in confidence and not taken outside the circle, and any feed back given to another in relation to their dream must be shared from the perspective of “If this were my dream”. We may live in a culture of experts and specialists, but the dreamer is the only expert on their dream.  Group dreaming exploration through shared conscious dream journeys are also ways to cultivate dreams for the community and the earth. Creating a dream community also requires action and determining what action to take to honor our dreams is an important way toward creating a world we can share together.

Become part of a larger dream community

Dreaming together for our community and our world is crucial to our unfoldment as we enter 2012. We can no longer approach our lives as though we are just individuals pursuing our own goals. We are on a shared journey together and dreaming can help us to navigate the way.

The Pachamamma Alliance is taking action toward Awakening the Dreamer. The non-profit organization is creating alliances with indigenous communities in South America which are under siege from globalization and multinational corporations. These  communities are struggling to maintain their indigenous ways in a world that is hungry for their natural resources. The message from the shaman’s of the Achuar people in Ecuador is to change the dream of the modern world and awaken a new dream in harmony with the Planet we share together. Ecuador has been one of the first Nation’s on Earth to enshrine into their own constitution in 2008 that the Earth has Rights.  Since then in 2010, Bolivia has followed suit and also declared into law the Earth has rights.  These efforts continue to gain momentum and expand as part of a broader movement toward the  Universal Declaration  of the Rights of Mother Earth.

Find out more about how to become an Active Dreamer in 2012 and view a schedule of dream groups, workshops or retreats, or participate in a Pachamamma Symposium visit www.chrysalishealingarts.org

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