Dreaming with Gaia

This week, there has been a plenty of disturbing news about the state of climate change and our current trajectory on this planet, we call home. It does not look good for us humans, nor the many species of animals and plants facing a mass extinction.  The U.S. released a report this week announcing climate change is a determined fact in the U.S. Welcome to reality, too bad it seems it may well be too little too late. I doubt this news will effect any major energy policy related to U.S. Global Oil Companies.  What can we do? We must demand an effective energy policy reflecting the results of this study that plans to preserve our environment by using solar energy. Scotland, Germany and Iceland have been able to make huge changes in their energy policy because they have the political will to do so.  In America, we can’t even seem to hold onto the civil rights fought for with the blood, sweat and tears of those who came before us. Maybe we missed the fight we should have been struggling for all along, the rights of mother earth.



In reclaiming our connection with the Earth as a living, breathing conscious being with whom we are intricately intertwined, we can bring forth a much needed vision of how to live in connection with with her. We can take action to protect the rights of mother earth and welcome our place as part of creation. The outworn model of man over nature, has shown itself in creating a dominate society of destruction to earth and her inhabitants. I invite you to dream with Gaia.  Help bring about a new way of walking on this earth, in connection with the dream she is dreaming for all of creation. In the way of many Indigenous Earth Wisdom Traditions, nothing happens unless it is first dreamt. It is in dreaming, where we may create the world we want to live in, and then act to bring it into creation. This is how the world is created and where the changes we must live will show themselves to enable our survival and that of the planet we call home. The dreams of Gaia await our arrival. Many are awakening from the planetary nightmare, which the western civilized world has sold us. We can each realize our individual part of  her collective dream and take action to bring the regenerative dream of Gaia to life.


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