Women’s New Moon Dreaming with Arabian Rescue Therapy

A Women’s New Moon Journey Circle with Arabian Rescue Therapy was launched on Friday, March 8th on International Women’s Day. We gathered together as 9 women creating sacred space, around a fire pit, with a pond nearby, reflecting the a small stand of trees, onto the surface waters, and the liminal space we were about to enter. A Blue Heron croaks loudly, as we begin our sharing circle, and the clouds disperse to reveal the starlit sky. The fire is inviting and crackles with excitement.

We shared our intentions before entering our conscious shamanic group dream journey, guided by the drum, where the doors to the World behind the World are open, and paths to the dream realms are guided by the assistance of the animal powers. Our intentions bring us into discovery, of what is preparing to grow forth in the coming Spring, while aware we can put down anything we wish to leave behind, as the doors to Winter begin to close.

Prayers are offered to the elemental spirits, and spirits which live close to the land, the ancestors, and the protective powers which surround us. Sacred herbs were burned, and blessings passed around, and given to the fire. A black Arabian Horse named “Missy” was lead out to join us by Rebecca Kelly Boardman, founder of Arabian Rescue Therapy. The mysterious black Horse circled four times, invoking prayers of protection and activation for our sacred circle.

Now we are ready for the journey, I position myself in front of the fire, and begin the drumming, as the wind begins to blow strongly now. I drum, bringing the fire energy up high, and the smoke blowing over me, and I can feel the energy of the journey coming through for all in the circle, and through the fire, and through the drum. As I stand before the fire, drumming for the circle, I see the Goddess Freya appear vividly, standing beside me. Her arms are crossed, and her intense gaze is fixed on me with her mysterious green eyes. She wears a head band with a light green stone in the center of her forehead, her long golden hair is braided on both sides. She is covered with warm furs on her body, and her magical cloak of falcon feathers drapes her shoulders. She says, “I am not going anywhere”. She just stands before me with her arms crossed, with a Falcon on her shoulder. She is not going anywhere, until I accept her powerful energy as part of my lineage. Normally she shows up with Hans, my departed Danish Grandfather, but this night, she has come for me. I am ready to accept whatever she brings me. She is ready to show me. Now we are ready to journey onto the path of my destiny. I am flying with her falcon feathered cape, becoming a bird goddess, with Freya by my side. She takes me to a mountain valley, with a vast prairie. We are hovering above the prairie lands, and can now see huge herds of Buffalo running wild across the prairie. A large herd of Wild Horses also runs beside them, with the power of return. A return of this wild energy, which has been long gone, returns to the land and to the native people.

Now we fly over sea to the South Slavic countries, and she shows me her connection to the Slavic Bird Goddesses. We land there as Bird Goddesses ready to gather with other Bird Goddesses in these lands. I prepare to end the drumming with the last four beats, and walk around the circle one final time. I see different animals guides connected with different dreamers as I do, and sound the final beats of the drum to end the journey. Now we will share where we have been and what we have seen. Now we share the dream journeys we brought back.

Freya’s day is Friday, the word comes from her. We have gathered on her day, and she has come to honor us with her presence in our circle. She is also known as the Mare of Venir as one of her titles. The Black Arabian Mare, whose presence stands guard over our circle is named “Missy”, which means “Bee”, as in Melissae. She is a Bee Goddess. There were two barn cats strolling around our circle all night. Freya also has two cats named Bygul, and Trjeygul, meaning bee-gold and tree-gold, Honey and Amber. The Slavic Goddesses are also well known, for their connections with Honey and Amber, as well as their connections with Bird Goddesses.

I am helping to organize the Kolo International Women’s Summit on Nonkilling Cultures this Summer in Sarajevo. I will also be presenting a workshop on Dreaming to Heal the Stories of the Land. I will be gathering with many Slavic women at the conference who will attend, and women presenters from many different countries. I know Freya will be guiding me, and her powerful presence protecting me and giving me courage to take on this new, wild adventure, where I am dreaming of gathering with other Bird Goddesses, in the land of milk and honey.


Author: Valley Reed

Dreamer, Lecturer, Writer, Healer, Activist, Dancer, Drummer. Chrysalis Healing Arts Energy Healing, Somatic Emotional Integration, Soul Coaching, Peace Moves™ Conflict Transformation, Wild Women Weekend Retreats, Monthly Women's Groups, Depth Workshops and retreats regionally in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado and Internationally in Ireland, Mexico, Bosnia, & Canada.

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