Dreams of Octopus

March 22, 2020

I see a huge blue Octopus at the bottom of the Ocean dreaming. I see his dream body swim off across the deep sea. I am tempted to follow him, but decide to stay with the sleeping Octopus in the sand. He has his head in the sand, like a portal into another world, or a black hole maybe.

I am drawn to one of the long blue legs of the Octopus, which are spread out on the sand, extended in all directions. I feel that I am now in the consciousness of one of the legs of the Octopus. I am the Octopus, and aware that this is a being, which I am part of, that makes up a multidimensional consciousness. I wander in my awareness, over to the portal where the head should be, with some trepidation, but muster the courage to enter deeper into the dark and unknown portal.

I find myself back in my own body, in a place between my heart and soul. It is deep and dark and mysterious. There is so much energy here, I have held back from life. I feel a freedom there now, I have not felt before. I feel I have access to this deeper part of me, that before was locked away from me, because it felt like there was no place for it in the world. Now the world calls out for my deepest heart and soul to be shared, to dream a new world into being. There is a place for me in the dreams of Octopus, at the bottom of the sea.  

Valley Reed © 2020




Dreaming on the Other Side

By Valley Reed

I walked into the local watering hole the other night for some open mic fun, and sat myself down at the bar to order a glass of wine. Sitting there taking in the scene, I notice a man down the bar from me who looks positively terrified after making eye contact with me. I then notice he is crossing himself and praying, before looking up at me once again, as I am met with a look of someone who has just seen a ghost. I decide to go over and let him know I am not a ghost, and reassure him he is not being haunted. He was visibly shaken and showed me a photo of his departed wife, who to my eyes, looks nothing like me, and then showed a photo of his 9 year old daughter, who he also lost. It was a sad story which had taken it’s toll on his soul to have incurred such a loss of his family. He certainly brightened up during our conversation and I began to feel that the presence of his departed wife was close by me, and that was who he was seeing when he looked at me. I have never been mistaken for a ghost before, but this is the time approaching when the veils between the worlds thin, and departed spirits walk amongst the living.

In traditions such as Dias De Los Muertos celebrating departed loved ones with colorful altars and favorite food and drink is a way to feed not only the memory of the departed, but also keep them happy, so as to not have them hanging around when they are not wanted. It’s just like when you invite friends over to your house for dinner, and when you are done you expect them to go home again. Beyond celebrating the memory of departed loved ones, there are other connections to explore through our night time dreams where departed loved ones show up.


The Departed may still be among us and not realize they are dead, they may need assistance in helping them to cross over to their soul’s ongoing journey. The morning of 9-11-2001, I woke from a dream where I was in NYC and it looked like a war zone. There were ashes raining down from the sky and people running around in chaos and fear. A woman came up to me and told me how glad she was to see me there. I looked at her and said, but don’t you know you are dead? She looked down at her hand which was no longer part of her body and knew it was true. At that point a portal of light opened up and I helped guide her through the portal. EOD

I woke from this dream shaken, but had to get up and take my young children to school. On the drive back home, listening on the radio, I heard what was actually taking place in New York City that morning. I went home and turned on the T.V. and saw some of the images from my dream playing out in front of me.


In dreams, the departed can visit us and may often appear in the guise of a younger happier time in their life. Visitation dreams from the departed can bring timely information about future events that may play out, from health advisories to stock tips.  I often smell cookies baking, when my grandmother visits me in dreams, who was a sweet as she smells, and loved to bake. It alerts me on a sensory level to the energy of her spirit visiting me, and the very real nature of her presence.

Ancestral dream visits can also bring through lost lineage or ancestral wisdom, as well as spiritual gifts or talents that have been passed down to you through the family tree, but perhaps not yet developed or cultivated in this life. My Grandfather who played fiddle music by ear, once presented me with a mandolin in a dream and told me I needed to learn to play. I have also dreamt of lost family connections, showing where Native American Ancestry are located on my family tree through my great grandmother on my paternal side. Which may also explain the many Native American guides which appear in my dreams frequently.

Dreaming with the departed also offers us the opportunity to experience reunion with loved ones or healing difficult relations toward reconciliation and forgiveness. This can be on a collective ancestral level or on an individual level specific to your relationship. My relationship with my father had much left unsaid when he passed, but through dreaming I was able to bring through forgiveness and reconciliation for us both.

Sometimes in cases of sudden death or difficult relationship losses, we may experience soul loss where part of our energy goes away with the one we love. Dreams may show locals where you are still living with a departed spouse or ex-lover. You want to be sure and bring back all of your energy through soul recovery and dreams are the best doorway through which to travel, to bring back lost soul energy into this realm. My ex-husband passed many years ago, and in waking life he had addiction problems. In the afterlife, he was still hanging around to fill his addictions through the living, and in fact took part of my energy with him into the afterlife, because he was so afraid to go there alone. Through the dreams that came during this time, I was able to re-enter my dreams for the purpose of soul recovery with the help of my teacher Robert Moss, to reclaim the parts of me that had gone missing, which included several of my younger selves from ages 4-11. I was also able to then help my ex-husband cross over into a higher realm of soul, where he was met with beloved family members and did not need to be afraid or cling to the living.

In Dreams, you can travel to explore the afterlife with departed loved ones and gain a glimpse toward understanding the other side. The departed can become helpful dream guides in this life and the afterlife.

Journey of the Soul of my Soul

By Valley Reed © 2012

I recently read Dreaming the Soul Back Home by Robert Moss and was inspired by his writing, to embark on a conscious journey given in the book, to connect with the soul of my soul.  The sound of my frame drum was my passport, as I sat ready to release to the journey, and off I went.

The Soul of my Soul Journey 5-20-12 Solar Eclipse, New Moon

I see a smoldering coal in the place of my heart, the flame grows like a ring of fire. I place my hands as a cup over my heart and begin to receive light into my body through the top of my head. I go deeper in connecting the light to my heart and the burning flame. I feel lighter, and begin to see a mist gather around my body. I enter into it and stick my head into a sunset beach scene, where a man is walking toward me from the distance. I see the sunset display a beautiful brilliant light which reflects upon his body and face, but I cannot see what he looks like clearly. A cloud shadow passes over and he steps out of the light and into the shadow. Now I can see his brilliance. He is beautiful with blond hair and blue eyes. Tall and muscular and tan. His face has a pleasant, beautiful, relaxed look and his smile is full of love. He approaches me and we begin to talk as friends. We sit back on the beach to relax, we are comfortable together, he has his arms around me and we are just listening to the ocean. He then places a mirror on the sand before me, it is large and he wants to show me something. He shows me how to enter the mirror and inside we go. It is like moving through a permeable membrane, and suddenly we are in a beautiful mysterious mountainous landscape in China. It is raining gently and we can hear the wind blowing through the forest like musical chimes. He becomes a white tiger and we move higher into the mountainous forest. We look together over a peaceful river perched high over this beautiful place. We do a shape shift dance into two beautiful White Cranes. We  take flight soaring over the river where an ancient boat sails. We find ourselves inside the boat and find a cozy bed for us to rest. We lay together in tender embrace and love-making on our journey together.

We sail to another shore, in another country, and arrive where the shore meets a desert landscape. He takes me to some horses awaiting us nearby. They are White and Black Arabian Horses. I ride upon a white one and he on the black. We ride through the desert until nightfall, when reaching a Bedouin tent campsite. We lay down with our horses gazing up at the crescent moon and the beautiful starlit sky. My appearance is now different and I have long curly dark hair and he is also dark featured and handsome and strong. He takes me to a waterfall spring coming out of an ancient mountain. We are naked and he makes love to me pressed against the mountain under the sacred spring. I feel I am becoming the mountain as he makes love to me and the mountain shakes beneath my body. It is passionate and healing. He takes me to a cave where I am told I must go in order to heal. The cave is an underground temple and I enter for sacred initiation of the ancient goddess. When I come out, I am met by a snake, which begins to talk with me. It is giving me wisdom, and it is also part of my soul. I am now given another horse to ride that is black and has a white heart on his forehead. This is my soul’s soul also, and I have a deep love for this horse. I ride with him and together we ride through the desert. I stop to gaze upon a pool of water in order to glimpse my future, I am continuing along the roads of my soul’s journey and writing along the way.

This journey was deep and beautiful for me, visiting other lives and landscapes, magical shape shifting, and connecting with ancient rights of passage in the cave of the goddess, as well as a ceremonial mating with the land to reclaim the energy of the goddess and connecting with her wisdom.

I discovered one of the places I visited in my vision, was the Yellow Mountains of China. A mystical place where  immortals are said to live. A place where white animals are said to roam, and immortals travel flying on the backs of white cranes. It is a unique landscape with interesting shaped mountains and curled up pine trees which grow upon the mountaintops, clouds rise to give the impression of a heavenly mountain island.  It is not a place I have ever known about, seen or wanted to go previously. I am so glad that now I know the way. Just look into the magic mirror of the soul of my soul.

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