Extrasensory Dreaming

Discovering your Super Powers in Dreams, is one of the most alluring and memorable aspects of dreaming for most of us, beginning in our childhood dreams. We learn we can fly in dreams, and travel to places near and far, in this world and the next. A place where the multiverse awaits exploration. Children are excellent dreamers, because they remember how to fly.

My childhood dream memories have eluded me for most of my life, due to repressed trauma from growing up in an environment of domestic violence and sexual abuse. I only began recalling most of my dreams after I had a pre-cognitive dream which saved my life, when I was in my mid 20’s. Something woke up inside of me from that experience, confirming something my soul already knew, that my life has meaning, and my dreams were there to protect and guide me.

One of the most important elements of dreaming, is the ability we have to dream the future, not only as individuals, but also collectively. This is of key importance in the times we now face, where dark dreams prevail and the profound challenges of global warming are revealed each day. We are truly in this together, and it is in dreams, where we may find the answers to life’s most challenging situations. The key is to have the courage to look into our deepest and darkest places, the creative impulse to soar into our brightest dreams, the discipline to remember and record dreams, the impulse to share them with others, and the inspiration to act on what we find inside.

Active Dreaming gives us tools to learn how to become a conscious dreamer and co-creator in our world, not only for our own life, in this time, but on behalf of others, in other times. We visit the ancestors and practice transgenerational healing and collective soul recovery, by recovering lost wisdom and bringing forth more soul energy into the world.

As adults, we may have left our imaginations and dreams in childhood, as a requirement of growing up. When we do so, we leave behind a vital part of our soul connection, where knowledge of our true nature can be found. Reclaiming the gifts of soul, in connection with our lost dreams of childhood, can provide profound levels of healing and the return of passion, wonder and awe that children experience in a very natural way.

Children also dream with the animal powers, and studies have shown they dream of animals 70% of the time. This connection to animals is important in developing our instinctual nature, that gives us a felt sense of what is safe or not, in our relationships and in our environment. It helps us become skilled at being guided by intuition, and share in some of the specialized skills the animal powers bring forth to help us navigate the waking and dreaming worlds, which are not mutually exclusive, one need not be asleep, to find yourself dreaming!

The powers of intuition with glimpses of possible futures, arrive in dreams as naturally as the dawning of each day, or the approaching twilight of night. The thresholds of day and night, are designed as places where one may experience the opening of one reality into another. A liminal space one can enter consciously, to experience dreaming as a place, where psychic information is readily available. It is a place one can enter, and be coaxed into a conscious dream for the duration of the night.

Spring Equinox Day and Night 2019 Credit: NOAA; NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory

Our nightly dreams can bring creative insights and protective guidance which helps us enter our waking lives from a deeper reality. Want to experience your nightly dreams and waking life on new levels of intuition, creativity and playful enjoyment? Find out more by visiting Chrysalis Healing Arts and discover how to become an Active Dreamer.


The Temple of Darkness and Light

The Winter Solstice coupled with the Christmas full moon, have me thinking of this dream which came a few years ago. moonlight

The Temple of Darkness and Light

In my dream, I see a beautiful luminous light, shinning like the moon, yet aware it is a portal into an other worldly place. It has a mysterious feel and beckons, like the pull of the moon on the ocean tides. I follow this pull and find myself tracking a woman, wearing a black hooded cloak who is moving toward the light. Her back is to me and her head is covered. I sense the woman ahead of me on the path of light, is also me, though I cannot see her face.

She takes me through an underground tunnel with stone pillars, and I realize I am in some kind of ancient temple. The temple is built so that the Moonlight shines through the underground tunnel, reaching an inner chamber at certain times of the year. The mysterious woman continues to follow the light through the tunnel with me tracking behind her. She moves so swiftly, I am losing ground and almost lose sight of her. The closer she approaches to the light, the farther behind I become. I want to follow her, and the mystery which is pulling me deeper into the darkness of this underground chamber. At the same time, even though surrounded by darkness, I too am following the light. This paradox of mystery has me tracking the path of light through an underground tunnel where the brighter it becomes the further behind I get. Like the moment of the Winter Solstice when the Sun is in stasis, I can no longer move to further track the light and I find myself at a standstill. The mysterious cloaked woman has moved out of sight. 

I set my intention to re-enter my dream, determined to continue my journey of tracking the moonlight and the mysterious cloaked woman. I was able to reconnect with her in my dream. I saw her face and the source of the mysterious light as it surrounded her. I drew the light into my energy field and it shown like a luminous egg.  

The mysterious woman began to follow a trail of moonlight once again, moving along a forested path, until reaching a shore where a small row boat awaited her. She climbed inside and began to paddle across a calm body of water. She navigated her way along the path of moonlight reflected on the water. I wanted to follow her as in the dream before, but again I found I could not move. I then remembered I could change into a bird, and shape shifted into an owl. I flew to her shoulder and crossed the water  as her familiar animal companion. I then suddenly flew off to investigate the coming shore before we arrived there by boat.  Once arrived on shore, the woman now appears younger, wearing a brown cloak made from a course garment. She is also very pregnant. She picks up a piece of tree bark and tucks it into a carved out space inside in the tree. She is keeping a record of the moon, preparing to give birth. 

© Valley Reed 2015

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