Balance Between the Worlds

“You must retrieve the dagger” the Faery Queen says, “It holds magic from the other world. You must return it where it belongs, and restore the worlds to balance.”

At the Fall Equinox in 2020 I had an other worldly encounter during a journey with an intention to return balance between the worlds.

I determined to remember the connection to the Faery Queen and the Otherworld, and on the Fall Equinox, a time of balance, I did a conscious dream journey guided by the drum, with the intention to set things right between this world, and the world behind the world.

The Portal – September 2020

I see my guide, from the wee folk, he holds out his hand, and I place an Irish coin in it. He then smokes his pipe, and I tell him I will bring him tobacco next time. He takes me before the Faery Queen. She is tall and beautiful with her long silver and white hair. Her dress is a gossamer material glowing in white and blue light. Her staff is silver with a crystal ball a top. She takes me over to a reservoir of water illuminated by a blue and white light. A mythical blue phoenix flies around the perimeter, and across the surface, in a magical display of beauty. I stroll around the magical pool of water, and the Faery Queen tells me, “It is a portal”, and says, “Get in.” As I walk towards it to enter, I am moving deeper into the Earth, like stairs descending, and I enter it from underneath it. Just then the pool surface changes into a vortex swirling with great force in the middle. A White Lion jumps into the vortex joining me in a watery realm of blue and white light. We move through it together, traveling far across time and space until we approach a golden gateway. The White Lion enters the golden gate and turns from white into a Golden Lion in a land of sun and sand. I follow behind him and notice we are in the Middle East. I hear the voice of the Faery Queen instructing me what to do. She speaks of an imbalance that has occurred, “Magic was stolen from the otherworld, and placed in sacred objects, to use the power for selfish aims.” I see before me a man whose face is covered by a black scarf, and he holds a golden jeweled dagger in his hand.

“You must retrieve the dagger” the Faery Queen says, “It holds magic from the other world. You must return it where it belongs and restore the worlds to balance.” I approach a man with a black veil covering his face, realizing he is an Assassin. I then take on an invisible cloak, so that I may move about undetected. I walk right up to the Assassin and take the dagger from his hand and make haste to return it to the Otherworld.

Upon my return I stand before the Faery Queen, and she takes the dagger from my hand. She places it’s blade onto the Silver blade of her Sword. She then places the sword into the water of the Faery Pond, and the magic moves down the blade and into the magical pond. The Balance of magic between the Otherworld and Earthside has been restored

Heart of the White Lion June 2021, Summer Solstice

On this Summer Solstice weekend I offered a workshop on Dreamweaving your Destiny and when I pulled on my own thread of destiny, the story unfolded. As I drummed for the group, my own journey emerged and I was guided by fox to an ancient tree with an immense hollow. I entered inside where this time a Golden Faery Queen greeted me, who had just been in my dreams from the night before. In my dream, she gave me her golden robe and gossamer wings. As she stood before me now inside the journey, she reminded me of what had taken place previously in restoring balance between the worlds. The dagger had been retrieved and magical energies restored to their rightful place in the otherworld. She placed the golden robe upon me once again and the golden energy moved to encompass the entire space surrounding everyone in the circle. The Faery Queen handed me the dagger and told me it was a magical tool I could use to help heal. I was given permission to make use of it’s healing powers to help others, because of the role I had played in restoring balance and returning it back where it belonged. Just then the White Lion, who had showed up as a guide in my first journey, was now beside me once more. Only this time the portal he entered was my own heart. He jumped into my heart and I felt a tremendous surge of energy and strength. I became aware of the pain that I held in my heart from grief and loss and betrayal, and it began to slip away, no longer having a home there, and radiated out of me in the form red lines that echoed into the Earth. The White Lion had given me the strength to reconnect with my own heart and my own truth. A deeply meaningful healing that brought me a feeling of freedom and liberation. Many other group members experienced deep healing, significant break throughs, and visions of their soul destiny.

Written by Valley Reed © 2021

The Heart of Dreaming

In my dreaming last night, in preparation for a soul recovery workshop I had to facilitate the next day, I put the question to my dreams, Where is the rest of me? In my dreaming, this is what came;


Sacred King with the Magic Armor and Sacred Heart

In the twilight zone between waking and dreaming, I had a conscious dream encounter, where I found myself in direct contact with a magical king wearing his under suit of chain link armor. He was talking to me about how we are linked. He was showing me, that what I need to bring into this life is a courageous heart. I quite liked this man, he was perhaps an Irish King and very, very handsome and the years shown, were that of vigor and youth.  I was amazed at the connection we shared and how clear the communication was between us. I began to realize that this was an alternate personality living in another life time with which perhaps, I am connected. He was sharing with me how I need to bring something of what he has to offer me, into my present lifetime. This was fully through the practice of conscious dreaming and dream incubation, that I was able to reach this connection so directly and clearly. I questioned the information and where I was and what I was seeing at first, but then other people began to enter the scene and I was seeing him interacting with a lot different people in his environment, much as a King would. The action was not particularly lively or the conversations interesting, I was actually seeing him as he is now in his current lifetime. I did try to ask his name, but was not able to hold onto that information. I was bumped by my partner in bed and found myself having disrupted transmission, where my dream screen went black and blue for a moment, until I was able to tune back into to where I was.

He did show me his magical suit of armor and his sacred heart, which beamed glowing out from the center of his chest, his strong beating heart was open and his armor did not cover it. I do recall near the end of our exchange, where a falcon returned to land on his arm.

This sacred King who entered my dreaming, was keen to show me his armor and his heart and talk with me about how I can have a more courageous heart. He was there to share this magical gift with me. It was the same suit of armor I saw in my journey into the House of Time, at a recent shamanic gathering I attended with my teacher Robert Moss along with advanced students and dream teachers who gathered in upstate New York.  In one of our journeys into the House of  Time, I found myself entering an ancient castle where I found a chain link under suit of armor that was made of light.

Songs of the Fey

Further in my dreaming from last night, I found myself  in connection with some faery women who were speaking in their native tongue. They were teaching me to speak their language, which they communicate mostly by singing to one another. When they sing, the powerful sound carries as if from another world away. There is also a kind of clicking noise they make, which is also a part of their language.  I then find I have returned from this place and am now present with a group of Robert Moss students. We are supposed to do some kind of creative presentation, and I am going to sing a fairy song in their language, as they have taught me. I sang a bit to Robert to demonstrate what I am talking about and I am able to sing with a powerful voice and make the clicking noises I was taught. A friend began talking to me about reading the fairy tale, “Snow White and Rose Red” from the Fairy Book Collection by Andrew Lang. My friend and I are both working on the same project together and she is going to do a creative presentation with me. We all celebrate together with a drink of fine Irish whiskey from delicate Irish tea cups.

Snow White and Rose Red by Andrew Lang
Snow White and Rose Red by Andrew Lang

This theme of the Sacred King with the Sacred Heart returned over and again in our soul recovery workshop today. One surfaced for a member of our group as a dreaming memory from childhood, where she was offered during our conscious shamanic group journey, to reclaim the Sacred Heart which she had been convinced to leave behind as a child.  In another journey, the Sacred King/God showed itself in a journey to the upper realm, where another member of our group connected with the Tir Na Nog, the legendary other world in Celtic Mythistory. Another dreamer connected with a fiery red headed goddess, who emerged from a sacred healing pool offering her healing from a difficult past relationship. Some of the Action Plans which came from our shamanic conscious dream journey exploration included, singing outside more with children, while another person found their guidance was to tell more stories. It seems the inspiration and healing of the good people, the shining ones, was with us today and in dreaming. Blessed Be. A Wonderful Way to Celebrate the World Day of Active Dreaming today, where dream teachers and dream ambassadors from around the world, were sharing the core practices of Active Dreaming with other eager dreamers. May all your doors and paths and gateways be open, and may all your doors and paths and gateways between the worlds, and may all your doors and paths, to any who would do you or those you love any harm, be closed. May it be so. Blessed Dreaming.

By Valley Reed © 2014


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